Friday, July 22, 2011

The Solace of Running . . . and One Psycho.

This morning was my first run since my grandmother passed away.  And I felt as though Mother Nature was giving me a high five.  There was a break in the heat wave, a gentle breeze, and the clouds provided shelter from the scorching sun.  My stride seemed less of an effort than it had in weeks.  As I ran, I spotted some gorgeous animals, that I felt Mom Nature put out there to make my experience even better and give me a reminder that there is beauty in this world.  I spotted a black-crowned night heron and two great blue herons along the river.  Then, as I was rounding a bend, six gold finches flew up out of a bed of wildflowers.  It was frickin' magical.  I was right at my turnaround spot, when I spied a creepy dude lurking about. Sure enough, he shouted at me, "I like to eat pussy!"  At first I was a little annoyed and offended that this crude individual would spoil such a wonderful run.  I started thinking, okay, was that necessary to witness.  Where is the beauty in that?!  But then I got to thinking, well, what is so bad about what that lunatic said.  I mean, why shouldn't he shout it out, loud and proud.  He likes to eat pussy!  And that's a beautiful thing.

OMG - Your Race Bib Goes on the FRONT!!

I ran a 10k last Sunday (yes, in the heat) and, inevitably, I see those few individuals who insist on pinning their race bibs on the back of their shirts (or sometimes on their butts).  This is a pet peeve of mine.  I mean, not only are the HUNDREDS of runners surrounding you wearing their bibs on the front, but the race packet information clearly instructs runners to pin their numbers to the front of themselves to be clearly visible.  So, what is it?  Are you blind to what is going on around you? Are you a contrarian?  Or, as I suspect, are you just an idiot who somehow believes race numbers should be on the back---like the name of a ship or something.  Do not be surprised if, one of these days, you are wearing your number pinned to your ass and I come up to you and punch you in the head.  It may happen. 

So, the 10K was part of the Fleet Feet Women's Festival 5k/10k.  I have run this race several times now, and it is usually a good one.  I am not so sure, however, why women are so jazzed at celebrating being women. Together. Like it's special or something. We are approximately 50% of the population. That's not a minority.  And, you'd think since I have seven brothers and no sisters, I would think there is something ultra special about being a girl.  Nah.  Truthfully being a girl can be annoying sometimes, but I deal.  Just as we all deal.  Maybe the race should be re-publicized to be "Hey, let's all deal with being women together. Yayyyyy."

And, just one more thing about this women's race.  A few years ago Fleet Feet had a special speaker at the start of the race.  She was a world record holder for running (I forget which event now).  But, hey! That's really impressive!  But, when she got up to give her motivational talk, she said, "My greatest achievement was having my baby."  What?!  I call bullshit.  You mean, something that millions of women do every day is more impressive than winning a world record for running?  And what kind of message are you sending the hundreds of women runners you are addressing? That, okay, since you've had your babies, you've already achieved the best thing ever, so go ahead, rest on your laurels.  Don't try to achieve anything else---it's not like you're gonna win any world records or anything.  Thanks for the pep talk.