Friday, July 22, 2011

The Solace of Running . . . and One Psycho.

This morning was my first run since my grandmother passed away.  And I felt as though Mother Nature was giving me a high five.  There was a break in the heat wave, a gentle breeze, and the clouds provided shelter from the scorching sun.  My stride seemed less of an effort than it had in weeks.  As I ran, I spotted some gorgeous animals, that I felt Mom Nature put out there to make my experience even better and give me a reminder that there is beauty in this world.  I spotted a black-crowned night heron and two great blue herons along the river.  Then, as I was rounding a bend, six gold finches flew up out of a bed of wildflowers.  It was frickin' magical.  I was right at my turnaround spot, when I spied a creepy dude lurking about. Sure enough, he shouted at me, "I like to eat pussy!"  At first I was a little annoyed and offended that this crude individual would spoil such a wonderful run.  I started thinking, okay, was that necessary to witness.  Where is the beauty in that?!  But then I got to thinking, well, what is so bad about what that lunatic said.  I mean, why shouldn't he shout it out, loud and proud.  He likes to eat pussy!  And that's a beautiful thing.


  1. and it was such a lovely blog right up until the word magical!

  2. Wow, that is definitely a 'glass half full' way of looking at things!