Thursday, September 29, 2011

Significant Activities Report for September

(Solution for blogging at work: Make blog post resemble work.)
On September 11, 2011, while the nation remembered the grave incidents of 2001, Lynne sweated her balls off in the Chicago Half Marathon.  Despite the heat and extreme solemnity of the day, her patriotism catapulted her to the finish line.  Her last few ounces of energy were used to “kick it in” the last 20 feet or so.  Thankfully, the beginning of the race (jog-walking the ½ mile to the starting line and slipping into the start corral just before the gun) was no indication of how the day would end.  Outcomes: Not that she’s competitive or anything, but she beat everyone else she knew running the race, except Jim, who finished one minute ahead of her. Dammit, Jim!
September 18, 2011 - Newton (formerly CARA) Ready to Run 20 Miler: This fully supported 20-mile run along the lakefront brought joy and cramps to hundreds of Chicago runners.  Lynne finished strong and smiling, even after barely surviving a 22-mile bike ride pub crawl the day before through the hills of Lake Geneva.  She also gracefully avoided contracting pneumonia even though the weather report had said it would be 70 degrees and sunny by the end of the run, yet was actually 50 degrees and drizzling the entire time.  Achievement of the day: Exercising extreme restraint when encountering a girl with her bib number pinned to her back (see blog post from July 2011).
September 24, 2011: Saw a fox!!!!  A real one!  Not a hunky boy or Michael J. 
Take home message: Foxes are totally cute. And very shy.
During her rainy 14-mile run on September 25, 2011, Lynne spent the entire journey wondering how much wetter she could possibly become.  The answer: None-more wet.  It was a constant battle for the feisty (but modest) runner to keep her dri-weave shirt from sticking to her torso and revealing her navel to passersby.  The heavy squish of her shoes became a companion to this lonely runner and took her mind off the fact that the water had worn the body glide off of her and that her jog bra was now chafing a severe under-boob cut. Yow!  Action step: Throw out torturous jog bra!

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